New Testament:
Common Manuscripts: List

We are aware that many of our readers are not scholars and that some of these readers are sensitive with regard to denominational and other religious references when it comes to works of scholarship. For that reason we must point out that the term “Catholic Epistles” has nothing to do with any denomination or religion that uses the word “Catholic” in their name.


Catholic Epistles = James, I and II Peter, I, II, and III John, and Jude


a = Acts & Catholic Epistles (actus apostolorum et epistulae catholicae)
cath = Catholic Epistles (epistulae catholicae)
e = Gospels (evangelia)
p = Epistles of Paul (epistulae paulinae)
r = Revelation (revelatio)
* = Constant witness cited explicitly in critical apparatus
+ = codex mutilatus (mutilated book)
K = textus cum commentario (text with commentary)
l = lectionarium (lectionary)
VSC = VSC Code = formerly, a reference code used by a Sentry 9X virtual supercomputer


VSCManuscript No.CenturyBibliothecaContaining
10*Papyrus 1IIIPhiladelphia, Univ. of Penns.,Mt 1,1-9.12.14-20
12Univ. Mus., E 2746; P. Oxy. 2
18*Papyrus 2VIFirenze, Mus. Archeol., Inv.Jo 12,12-15
26*Papyrus 3VI/VIIWien, Österr. Nat. Bibl., Pap.Lc 7,36-45; 10,38-42
28G. 2323
34*Papyrus 4IIIParis, Bibl. Nat., Suppl. Gr.Lc 1,58-59; 1,62-2,1.6-7;
3611203,8-4,2.29-32.34-35; 5,3-8; 5,30-6,16
42*Papyrus 5IIILondon, Brit. Libr., Inv. 782.Jo 1,23-31.33-40; 16,14-30;
442484; P. Oxy. 208. 178120,11-17.19-20.22-25
50*Papyrus 6IVStrasbourg, Bibl. Nat. etJo 10,1-2.4-7.9-10; 11,1-8.45-52
52Univ., Pap. copt. 379. 381.
60Papyrus 7IV-VI(?)olim: Kiev, Ukrain. Nat. Bibl.,Lc 4,1-2
62Petrov 553

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