Welcome & Introduction

Saturday, September 5, 2015 6:50 pm CST

Welcome to the launch of the new, repurposed Lionwrit website.  Lionwrit is the repository for every ancient biblical manuscript in existence, in actual/facsimile/shadow form, which we refer to as the “Textual Super Matrix (Empirical Form).”  One of the reasons that this reference is important is that it dissolves the “artificial” (note quotes) concept of the ancient manuscripts as existing in disparate domains (see our 2005 – 2011 page The “Father of All Bibles”).  Here is a key point from that page (some punctuation corrected here):

The textual debate has been discovered to be a subtextual (super interpretive [relating to super interpretation {“interpretation”}]) debate. This means the issue was really never one of “Which text is correct?” but was rather one of “Which subtextualization (super interpretation [‘interpretation’] of the one and only text is correct?”

Here is a simplified form of the above statement:

The issue was really never one of “Which text is correct?” but rather of “Which ‘interpretation’ (note quotes) of the one and only text is correct?”

In other words:

We build on all of the ancient manuscripts taken collectively (together) to reconfirm the original languages text.  Now, how do we “interpret” (note quotes) the ancient manuscripts (by “interpret” we mean understand, not translate)?

The answer is:

Digigraphic technology is the best methodology of “interpreting” (note quotes) the ancient manuscripts.  Note that we acknowledge the historic work of Tischendorf, Nestle-Aland, and others, without whom our work in digigraph technology would be impossible.

In 1965, at the age of sixteen, Dr. Bisconti wrote in The Aurum Records, the compilation of his thousands of personal journals:

The collecting of all of the ancient biblical manuscripts may take years, even up to half a century, but it is about time that someone undertook this monumental task.  Note that by “collecting of all” we do not necessarily mean the collecting of the actual manuscripts themselves.  In some cases, we will use facsimilies.  In other cases, shadows.  We will explain what shadows are later.

The fact is that it is better that all of the actual ancient manuscripts are scattered throughout the world because of the fanatics that seek to destroy them.  Putting all the manuscripts in one place would make it far less difficult for the fanatics to achieve their goal.

Lionwrit was founded by Chicago Christian University.  Among other things, Lionwrit and Chicago Christian University support the King James Bible and are the authors of the IAV (International Authorized Version).

(Our previous Lionwrit website is located at //solutionsocc.com/lionwrit.htm.)

Dr. Michael J. Bisconti