The Bible teaches that there can be only one correct family of translations in any language. In English, it is the King James Bible family of translations.

The only correct English translations of the only correct compilations of the ancient manuscripts of the Bible are the King James Bible and the IAV (International Authorized Version), which differs from the King James Bible in providing modern spelling for a number of words; for example, “loves” instead of “loveth.” All other English Bibles are, at best, very good Bible commentaries. You can read the IAV, which includes the King James Bible, in your browser, here: International Authorized Version or you can download it using the button below.

Download Standard IAV (15 MB)

Visit the IAV (International Authorized Version) website to download advanced editions of the IAV and other important tools.

Fake English Bibles

We collected all of the non-KJV, non-IAV English Bibles in existence and ran a series of digigraphic tests against each of them. They all failed the test series, though some did not fail as badly as others. View the test results in your browser, here: Fake English Bibles or you can download the results using the button below.

Download Fake English Bibles