New Testament:
Manuscript Locations: First Draft

This is the first draft of our record of New Testament manuscript locations.  It is far from what it will be but it is a good start.

Albanian Nat. Arch. Nr 1, Tirana, Albania
Allentown, Penn., Muhlenberg Coll., Thol. Pap. 3
Amsterdam, Univ. Bibl., GX 200
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor (Images available at CSNTM)
Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Library, Inv. 6238
Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Inv. 6652.
Athens, Ntl Libr, Grk 2106
Athos & elsewhere
Athos; Paris
Barcelona, Fundació Sant Lluc Evangelista, P. Barc. 6
Berkeley, Palestine Institute Museum, Pacific School of Religion, Pap. 2

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