The Trillion Pages Repository

The new Trillion Pages provides the data referenced by the Bisconti tags in the Digigraph Text.

The first Trillion Pages was a good start.  The new Trillion Pages, after eleven years of research, analysis, and experiential lessons, will be vastly superior.

The new Trillion Pages will be presented in a combination of digital formats:

Zip Files (1000 files with 1000 pages per file)

Page Generators (10,000 page generators, each of which generates 10,000 pages)

The two sources above account for 101 million pages.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The lion’s share of the content will be presented in a number of page databases.

Page Databases (1000 databases with 1 billion pages per database)

Page Database 0001 is the Atomic Database.

Yes, we realize that, if you add the counts above, it is over 1 trillion but that is because our research is ongoing and the number of pages is continually increasing.  We would confuse people if we continually changed the name of The Trillion Pages Repository.